Code Standard

Code Standard

Working alongside e-commerce companies and business teams to solve hard challenges through custom code.

Our services

We bring technical, commercial, and strategic experience to help companies streamline processes, open new revenue streams, and transform their businesses with technology. We specialise in building B2B products and tools – behind the scenes tech which revolutionises businesses.

  • Prototyping products and tools
  • Building internal systems
  • Automating manual tasks
  • Integrating systems
  • Building APIs
  • Building data dashboards
  • Leveraging AI technology
  • Managing and relaying data

Previous projects

We created a bespoke tool for a media company to use for booking and managing photography requests around their media campaigns.

We built an event booking planner for a global jewellery brand to use for product launches during the pandemic.

We built an internal platform for a biotechnology company, allowing different teams to create and share documents and approval requests.

We built a scalable internet of things platform for generating and managing unique items to be used in QR codes and connected packaging tags.

We worked with a leading pet supplement business to streamline their customer data flow.

About our team

A small team of engineers and product thinkers with decades of experience across ecom, brand, agency, and product companies, we bring care, attention, and thoughtfulness to all our projects, with a focus on building long term client relationships.

How we work

We keep our costs simple and flexible. We work in weeklong sprints and charge a single weekly fee of £8k. Together we plan what we’ll tackle in each sprint, then bill on delivery. You can pause or stop at anytime.

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